How to program the buttons on your *Norstar Telephone

How to Program buttons on your Norstar* Telephone

All buttons on the norstar phone, with the exception of INTERCOM keys, Handsfree keys, and line buttons can be re-programmed to do one of three things :

External Speed Dial : (To Call an outside phone number)

Press Feature * 1

Press the button you wish to program

Dial phone number, then press the OK button under your display. (Press HOLD if you don't have any buttons below the telephone display)

Internal Speed Dial : (To call an extention within your office)

Press Feature *2

Press the button you wish to program, then dial the extention number you wish the button to dial. (If you don't know the extention number of the phone, go to the phone itself, press FEATURE * 0 then press the INTERCOM button. It will say the extention number of that set on the display.)

Feature Button : (To program a feature code on a button)

The Norstar System has TONS of features and associated codes that go with them. You can program buttons on your phone to do the codes that you use often. (Such as Feature 981 to check your voicemail, or Feature 85 for DO NOT DISTURB)

Press Feature * 3

Press the button you wish to program

Dial the Feature Code (YOU MUST press the Feature button , then the code, NOT JUST THE CODE : EG : Press FEATURE 85 not just 85)

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