Cat-Comm will Sub-contract for you

Cat-Comm already sub-contracts for a number of other interconnect phone companies and computer companies in the Montreal, Quebec area.

We can go to customers on your behalf and do whatever work you want us to do. Cabling, phone system training, troubleshooting and maintenance. We're your part time employees when you need some professional backup !

It is not un-common for computer companies to send us to their clients to do some network cabling. We bill the computer company, and the computer company bills the client.

The same goes for other phone companies that send us to their customers, always representing THEM, to do work that they can't do. Whether it's because they're too busy, or because they're stumped on a certain subject, Cat-Comm is always there to lend a hand!

Please feel free to CONTACT US if you have any questions, or need some subcontracting done.

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