Service Contracts

Your phone system and the phones connected to it are worth thousands of dollars. A Service Contract costs a fraction of this price, and guarantees that these systems are always running properly. If the main cabinet breaks down, or the reception phone suddenly stops working, we will be onsite immediately with replacements ! This allows organizations to stay focused on core objectives while helping to ensure that their critical communications applications operate smoothly.

There are two kinds of service contracts we offer :

Hardware Service Contracts :
A hardware service contract covers the hardware end of your phones and phone system. If anything breaks, it gets replaced for free, no questions asked. You will never need to buy a curly cord again because of static'y phones, or need to pay bills replacing broken hardware that you already paid for once ! (When it was bought, years ago). These kinds of service contracts are only available in our zone of service : Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Remote Programming Service Contracts:
A remote programming service contract means that you pay a minimal flat fee per year and we do any and all programming changes remotely, for free ! With Positron's VOiP phone systems, we can do pretty much EVERYTHING remotely. This includes changing names, resetting password, re-recording the automated attendant, re-programming telephones, programming new telephones for the first time, adding / tweaking features, and much MUCH more!!

Contact us about getting a service contract for your telephone system equipment !

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