Norstar* Phone Systems

Cat-Comm sells and services Meridian Norstar* Phone Systems

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Meridian Norstar* 0x32 MICS Phone System


The Norstar Modular ICS. The Norstar Modular ICS targets businesses that use more than 20 telephones and require capabilities, which allow for more power, more growth and more advanced applications. It can start as small as 4x32 (4 lines and 32 extensions) and grow by adding modules, trunk cards, and phones until a maximum capacity of 272 ports is reached (ports on the system are a combination of lines and extensionss).


M7310 Executive Telephone

Meridian Norstar* 8x24 KSU


The Norstar Modular 8x24. The 8x24 system supports up to 8 lines and 24 extensions without adding additional hardware. By adding trunk cards and modules, the system can grow incrementally to support up to 128 total ports (ports on the system are a combination of lines and extensions). This system does NOT support Caller-ID.


M7208 8 button Telephone

Meridian Norstar* 4x8 CICS Phone System


The Norstar Compact ICS 4x8. Unlike the Norstar 3x8 and Compact 6x16 units, the CICS 4x8 is scalable. Starting with a configuration of four lines and eight stations, it can grow to 16 lines and 24 extensions by adding additional hardware to the unit. The resulting product is an exciting and simple solution that accommodates future growth.


M7100 single button telephone

The 6x16 Norstar* System


Ideal for a small business, the Compact 6x16 is a self-contained unit that functions with built-in business software. It can accommodate up to six lines and sixteen extensions on the system. This system DOES NOT support Caller-ID.


6x16 Phone System

The Norstar* 3x8 Phone System


The simple, yet sophisticated, Norstar 3x8 system was designed specifically for small businesses. It is expandable up to 3 lines and 8 extensions, and offers a wide variety of features. Depending on the software version, many of these systems DO NOT support Caller-ID.


3x8 Phone System


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