Tech Support

Please select the topic you'd like help on :

-List of Norstar* Feature Codes
-How to program the buttons on your phone
-How to Setup your mailbox for the first time
-Standard Auto-Attendant Voicemail messages
-Common Auto-Attendant texts and messages
-Norstar* manuals and downloads

Advanced programming :

- How to navigate in system programming
- How to change the time and date
- How to program a phones name
- Resetting a mailbox password
- Turning on/off Set Relocation

** Caution **
SERIOUS DAMAGE CAN BE DONE BY NON-QUALIFIED SERVICE TECHNICIANS! If incorrect programming information is entered, it could render your system inoperable!
PLEASE CALL for information on how to enter the programming mode of your Nortel Norstar* telephone system.

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