Logging into your voicemail box for the first time

Press Feature 981

It will prompt you for your password. Dial your password on the dialpad, and then press the # button.

If this is your first time using your voicemail box, your password is 0000 (4 ZERO's), press the # key after entering your password.

It will prompt you for a new password, this will be your personal password to access your voicemail from now on. Enter a new password that is atleast 4 digits, and does NOT begin with a zero, and then press the # sign to confirm.

It will prompt you to confirm your password one more time.

It will then ask you to record your name, wait for the beep, and USING THE HANDSET, record your name ONLY. (Some people say their name and extention number which is OK too) Please remember that this is NOT your greeting message, it is simply the recorded name of your voicemail box.

At this point you will be logged into your mail box and it should be functional. Simply follow the recorded and written prompts on the display to listen to your messages or whatever is it you want to do.

To record a greeting, press 8 or the ADMIN button on the display (only certain phone models have the buttons under the display) then select GREET or RECORD A GREETING. You want to record your PRIME greeting, although it is not necessary. If you do not record a greeting, your voicemail will say " is not available at the moment, at the tone , please leave your message, etc etc> " Alot of people leave it like this.

As always, we specialize at in-house service in the Montreal, Quebec area. If you have alot of voicemail changes to do, or need re-recording of your auto-attendant, or just a little bit of training, feel free to contact us !

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