Systeme Telephonique IP par Positron Telecom

Our IP PBX solutions offer small and medium sized businesses powerful VoIP phone systems that combine voice, data and video into one easy-to-use device, also known as Unified Communications. These features, which were traditionally only available to large companies allow you to be more efficient and productive. We have a standalone solution that can be installed on any network, is easy to use yet powerful enough for home and office use.

Positron Telecom’s VOiP PBX systems work with most phone manufacturers, are all video enabled and include integrated firewall ‘anti-hacking’, unlimited extensions, auto-provisioning, wizard configuration tools, remote diagnostics and configuration, unlimited IVR’s, and many more unique features and capabilities. Reliability, unparalleled voice quality and ease of setup sets Positron Telecom's VOiP phone systems apart.

Please remember that when we're talking about a VOiP phone system, we don't mean VOiP Phone lines. VOiP phones lines are great because of the low costs involved, but they don't have the same quality of service as regular landlines, which is why all our VOiP phone systems have ports for regular phone lines. The ideal scenario is a combination of a VOiP phone system, regular analog landlines, and VOiP phone lines. If your internet goes down, the phones keep working.

We offer a number of different Positron VOiP phone systems based on your business size:

15 Users
2 Analog Phone Lines (2 FXO)
2 Analog Extensions (2 FXS)
2 USB ports
4 Ethernet Ports

40 Users
4 Analog Phone Lines (4 FXO)
2 Analog Extensions (2 FXS)
2 USB ports
Single Compact Flash Port
4 Ethernet Ports

60 Users
12 Analog Phone Lines (12 FXO)
2 Analog Extensions (2 FXS)
Single Compact Flash Port
2 USB ports
4 Ethernet Ports

60 users
Fractional T1/E1 PRI
2 Analog Extensions (2 FXS)
Single Compact Flash Port
2 USB ports
4 Ethernet Ports

150 users
4 T1/E1 PRI
4 Ethernet ports

Cat-Comm has been installing Positron Telecom's VOiP phone systems since they first came out. We know the system inside out and have regular, direct contact with the engineers and programmers at Positron Telecom. This phone system comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We use this system at our own office, and so should you!

VOiP Phone system Product Features :

VoIP phone lines
Mobile PBX System
Unified Communications
IP Extensions
Local Area Code Presence
Find me, Follow me
Softphone SIP/IAX Support

Status Display
Auto Attendant
Dial by Name Directory
Dial by Extension
Ring Groups
Caller ID
Corporate Call Back
Desktop Paging

Advanced Call Forwarding Rules
External Media Support
Time-of-Day Service
Conference Room
Music on Hold Audio
Voicemail to Email
Web Interface

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